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Concrete 18.5 The Special Ukrainian Issue

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A new issue dedicated to Ukraine.

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Title: Concrete #18.5 The Special Ukrainian Issue
Year: 2022
Country: Poland
Pages: 240
Format: a4  full kolor 
Subtitles:  Polish, English

A new issue dedicated to Ukraine has just come out. 
Inside: an archive of pages collected from all previous Concrete issues dedicated to the Ukrainian scene.New exclusive materials:
- Ukraine Winter 2022 – an interview with Neak, who tells about the current situation 
- BIOS frieght report - a photo report of freight trains sent by Bios from Odessa
- KIBR photo report
- Operation Turkey - a report on a trip to subway systems in Turkey by TDC / IKS teams
- Tourists for Ukraine - the memories of selected people (Tius, Birth, Serif, Sany, Pix.Hunter, Fear, Bitch, Dims, Special, Ekin, Daor), who traveled to Ukraine and painted there
- typography and designs by VikaVIta collective

Limited edition 100 copies.
Printed on paper.
No advertisements.

2nd edition, magazines will be available for shipment after August 25th.